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MILIC MEDIA KFT delivers advanced business results for you through innovative workflow layout and technology.
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Workflows matter regardless of the size of your company or the industry you work in. Milic Media Kft accelerates our customers’ ability to improve and adapt by focusing on excellent workflow design and the use of innovative technology. Our company is a wonderful example of a seamless workflow firm. However, improving operations isn’t the main purpose. The finest businesses strive to improve both employee and consumer experiences. Thankfully, via operational changes and innovative technology, one can improve experiences drastically in less time than expected. We provide a comprehensive service of aiding our clients with technologically-advanced efforts and operations that makes their life easier. Hiring us is as smooth as the icing. We are a team of experts who are full of excellent ideas and solutions for your business. Our business is registered for VAT, having our unique number (HU29256035) that identifies us as a taxable business.

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We transform companies with adaptable and powerful digital solutions that satisfy the present needs while also unlocking the opportunities of tomorrow. Our ServiceNow expertise include-

We Worked With

Through the years, we were humbled to work with some esteemed companies that not only trusted us with their project but gave us the space to be innovative and versatile. We learned a lot through this journey and will continue to give our best in the future as well.

ServiceNow Consulting Models We Offer

Organizations do often encounter a ServiceNow challenge and have no clue to overcome it. Our ServiceNow consultation will help you. We have a ServiceNow savvy team to offer smart and customized solutions to your problem. Our team first lay their focus on finding a way to address the challenge, following which the implementation step happens. For example:
Your company is to manage various overlapping Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with different vendors.
We accelerate the implementation and integration of our smart ServiceNow solutions with our proven expertise and approach. Our team of experts ensure that we provide a full-cycle implementation service to your organization. Aligning with the consultation we offer; our implementation services are essential for the effective transformation of your business.
Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, our team maximizes the impact of our solutions on your business. With our roadmap analysis and improved ServiceNow components, we allow our businesses to operate at a better level and reach their goals. Using the best practices, we identify the current business processes and implement ongoing improvements.
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