IT Business Management

Our improved IT solutions deliver excellent digital workflows, allowing organizations to build a future and transform their business.

Just Like Our IT ServiceNow Managment Service, the ServiceNow IT Business management system will deliver an exceptional experience for your employees.

ServiceNow ITBM solutions in the UK enable the organizations to embrace the changes faster in their regular business operations and day-to-day management. It delivers enterprise agility for providing better and improved business outcomes. It is through the help of this solution that businesses can transform the delivery of their new products and services and experience lean execution methodologies.

Get expert guidance, every step of the way.

Ensure the right business outcomes and realize value faster with proven methodologies, tools, and experts—informed by thousands of successful projects.
Get expert guidance, every step of the way.

What you get with Expert Services


Solid foundation

Be informed about sound technical practices and make strategic decisions, effectively.

Expert guidance

Expand your business operations with expert guidance on your platform and solution.

Standard practices

We use world-class practices coupled with proven strategies for better and smooth performance.

Partner alliance

Get to work with our wide network of partners to achieve desired and fruitful outcomes.

Project Portfolio Management

Get the ServiceNow project portfolio management solutions in the UK by Milic Media Kft and explore the visibility of all the works performed in your organizations. Be it a traditional method of work, agile or hybrid, we provide you with the best range of solutions that enable you to achieve business value.

Demand Management application

Our service now Demand Management application solutions in the UK allows your organization to centralize the requests across the enterprise. Our demand management solutions also provide you with the best investment process for new products, and services.

Resource Management application

Can you make use of all your resources? Start doing so with Servicenow Resource Management application solutions in the UK. It is the best solution available that helps you to indulge in accurate planning and make the most of the available resources. It also views the availability of your resources through a calendar.

Agile Development

At Milic Media Kft, we aim to ease our client’s overall business value by delivering advanced ServiceNow Agile Development solutions in the UK. We prioritize, plan and manage all agile portfolios for simplifying the execution of your work and enabling your team to deliver products and services quickly.

Financial Management

If you are looking for the best ServiceNow Financial Management solutions in Europe? Then, you ought to get in touch with Milic Media Kft. Our IT Financial Management solution supports our client’s business initiatives and enables them to deal with varied budget models.

Test Management

The ServiceNow test management solution holds a special place in the core offerings of our ServiceNow solutions. At Milic Media Kft, we provide you with the best range of services from experienced testers to understand the requirements of your projects and build specific quality tests that allow minimizing the errors in the end result.

User help desk

Give your users a quality platform that meets their requirements and provides them with the support that they need. Use our best Servicenow user help desk solutions in Europe and establish a unique contact point between users and service providers, handle their issues, manage their queries, and all other problems.

Why do Customers Choose Milic Media Kft As Their ITBM ServiceNow vendor?

Milic Media Kft is the ideal platform that provides you with efficient and powerful enterprise-level Servicenow IT business management solutions in the UK. It allows organizations to automate their business processes and simplify everyday business operations. Our AI-powered solutions and intelligent automation processes make it easy for our clients to seamlessly connect with the various departments.

Align Your Applications With Business Goals

Our ServiceNow ITBM solutions give our clients the visibility that they need, hence, equipping them with detailed information about the underlying cost and requirements of the applications. Ensuring high-end services, we assure to align the solutions with your processes and easily adapt to the changes in the market.

Engage Employees For Big Ideas

With our innovative solution, we at Milic Media Kft, enable our clients to engage with their employees and connect with them. It also allows them to submit their ideas for any kind of new product and feature. Our solutions track the ideas and convert them to deliver a smart and elegant business outcome.

Gain SDLC Visibility

With the advanced and improved ServiceNow ITBM solutions in the UK, we allow you to gain visibility into the Software Development Life Cycle, and its development efforts- scrum, hybrid or waterfall. Be involved in a project from its inception to the testing and development phase.

Connect with the experts

If you are looking to streamline your business operations and embrace modern technologies, connect with our experts. We help you to strategize, implement and upgrade business-friendly solutions.

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