IT Operations Management

MILIC MEDIA KFT offers an unmatchable proactive digital operation with our solutions. We deliver the insights and automation for prediction.

Our ServiceNow’s most modern IT operations Management system will provide your staff with an unforgettable experience.

ServiceNow ITOM Solutions in the UK delivered by Milic Media Kft helps you to modernize the IT operations and automate the cross-team automation workflows. With the help of our advanced operation management system, we deliver proactive visibility and insight into your operations. ITOM is the individual process and service that are handled or managed by the IT department of an organization. Effective and smart ITOM services ensure businesses experience efficiency in a company’s performance.

Get expert guidance, every step of the way.

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Get expert guidance, every step of the way.

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Solid foundation

Be informed about sound technical practices and make strategic decisions, effectively.

Expert guidance

Expand your business operations with expert guidance on your platform and solution.

Standard practices

We use world-class practices coupled with proven strategies for better and smooth performance.

Partner alliance

Get to work with our wide network of partners to achieve desired and fruitful outcomes.


Our ServiceNow IT operations Management solutions in Europe provide you with a holistic view of your operations footprint. The process allows you to gain in-depth visibility across your on-premise, serverless, and cloud infrastructure and data. It brings the power of digital transformation to your business and increases service availability that makes most of your investments.

Service mapping

Get clear visibility of your relationship between your applications, cloud services, and IT components of your organization through the best ServiceNow service mapping solutions in the UK. We offer automated business service intelligence to help you understand the infrastructure mapped with the services and applications. It removes the data errors and makes failure impact analysis, accurate and precise.

Configuration Management database

ServiceNow CMDB application provides you with complete control over your IT environment. It provides you with better visibility of your IT administration and enables you to make better and informed decisions. Through Milic Media Kft, connect your digital products across the digital lifecycle and manage it efficiently with Service Graph.

Predictive AIOps

Anomaly detection has never been so easier as it is through the predictive aiops management solutions in the UK. Simplify your data collection and prevent critical service outages with the help of this advanced solution. It focuses on key issues and cuts off the event noise generated by monitoring tools. Get a single system of insight and boost the productivity of your company.


Automate your manual tasks across all your IT infrastructure with the Best ServiceNow orchestration solutions in the UK available with Milic Media Kft. The solution allows you to boost the productivity of your IT department by orchestrating IT and business operations management. It enables your business to experience fast remedies for any IT issues.

Cloud Management

With the Milic Media Kft ServiceNow, cloud management solutions in the UK get ready to move to the clouds, swiftly and effectively. It is the best solution to extend you extend your service management approach by integrating it with your cloud operating model and delivering enterprise-class services to your clients. Our cloud management services conveniently allow your IT team to monitor resource consumption through the cloud resources.

Why Do Customers Choose Milic Media Kft As Their ITOM ServiceNow Vendor?

Providing the best range of ServiceNow ITOM Solutions in the UK, Milic Media Kft guarantees to enhance the efficiency and performance within your organization. We provide you with the management and strategic approach that plans, builds, and operates the digital services and fulfills the business requirements with innovative and advanced technologies.

Enhanced Visibility of IT Resources

With the help of ITOM services, discover and map the solutions required for your IT resources across your premise and on the cloud. Our solution enables you to enhance your visibility and explore the wide range of facilities available.

Optimize Cloud Spend

With improved and advanced technologies that we deliver, your agility and operational efficiency are improved across the clouds, making it feasible for your business. Milic Media Kft provides you with the best services to optimize your cloud spending and get the best ROI.

Real-Time Visibility

With our functional ITOM policy, we provide you with the liberty to continuously assess your service operations and detect and resolve issues instantly. Get real-time visibility of the issues across your IT infrastructure, and gain the power to resolve them efficiently.

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