Security Operations

Covering your prime concern, we deliver high-end services that guarantee exclusive security operations in a safe environment.

Connect existing security tools with safe orchestration, automation, and response engine via our ServiceNow to speedily resolve cybersecurity threats or other incidents.

Milic Media Kft provides unmatchable ServiceNow security operations in the UK to help organizations face the digital transformation journey in a secured environment. Businesses with varied locations and hybrid workplace environments find it extremely difficult to manage their security operations. We give them the liberty to manage their operations easily with our efficient and proactive SecOps solutions in the UK.

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What you get with Expert Services


Solid foundation

Be informed about sound technical practices and make strategic decisions, effectively.

Expert guidance

Expand your business operations with expert guidance on your platform and solution.

Standard practices

We use world-class practices coupled with proven strategies for better and smooth performance.

Partner alliance

Get to work with our wide network of partners to achieve desired and fruitful outcomes.

Security Incident response

Milic Media Kft provides the best range of ServiceNow Security Incident Response management solutions, which enable businesses to handle the risks proactively and avoid any risk occurrence. The solution provides you with a consolidated view of security performance activities.

Vulnerability Response

ServiceNow Vulnerability Response application developed by the expert's guarantees to provide you with the capabilities of providing an in-depth view of all vulnerabilities. It helps your business to monitor the solution implementation and check out the overall vulnerabilities.

Threat Intelligence

Our ServiceNow Threat Intelligence application provides you with a thorough and impressive security infrastructure that creates a huge security shield across your business operations. The threat intelligence capabilities predict vulnerabilities and constantly monitor the cyber threat information.

Streamline workflow

Eliminate the manual processes, and remove the bottleneck processes to approach the workflow. Get our ServiceNow to streamline workflow solutions in the UK and visualize the entire sequence of activities. The solution is aimed at developing the right process for simplifying your workflow.

Deep IT Integration

With ServiceNow Deep IT Integration solutions in the UK, we provide you with a third-party integration capability that enables your organization to leverage the benefits of this seamless integration. It is efficient in increasing functionalities and helps you to use the platform, effectively and resourcefully.

Automation & Orchestration

Are you burdened with your organizational management worries? Leave it behind with the ServiceNow Orchestration in the UK delivered by Milic Media Kft. It is a process that automates the business process for operations and manages processes and elements through proper automated planning.

Why do Customers Choose Milic Media Kft For the SecOps ServiceNow vendor?

At Milic Media Kft, we provide you with the best of the opportunities to help your organization experience the advancement of modern technologies and enhanced IT support services. Our ServiceNow security operations in the UK guarantee you to experience the brilliance of this solution that avoids any service disruptions, potential failures, and security concerns.

Experience Best SecOps Solution

At Milic Media Kft, we provide the best ServiceNow SecOps Solution that develops opportunities for enhancing your knowledge and giving you a wide range of solutions to understand, secure and manage your operations, healthily and effectively.

Performance Analytics

Under the ServiceNow security operations, we provide high-end solutions that detect and respond to risks quickly and efficiently. It gives you access to the dashboards that report, evaluate, and monitor the performance of the operations of the business.

Avoid Potential Pitfalls

With the help of our solutions, we guarantee our clients get better communication about the operations and security. We provide our SecOps management tool that creates something new and holistic. Our team helps you to avoid potential pitfalls.

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If you are looking to streamline your business operations and embrace modern technologies, connect with our experts. We help you to strategize, implement and upgrade business-friendly solutions.

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