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Milic Media Kft unlocks the value of ServiceNow for your business, use the platform efficiently with our advanced consulting service.

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ServiceNow consulting services bring visibility into IT processes and infrastructure and minimize the negative impact of infrastructural changes. Since 2010, ScienceSoft offers ServiceNow consulting services to help customers overcome disruptions in IT processes, optimize IT support costs, and more.

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Accelerate your business with advanced tools. Venture on to the journey of your digital transformation with us. Get the guidance of ServiceNow experts and drive maximum value from the platform.

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Organizations do often encounter a ServiceNow challenge and have no clue to overcome it. Our ServiceNow consultation will help you. We have a ServiceNow savvy team to offer smart and customized solutions to your problem. Our team first lay their focus on finding a way to address the challenge, following which the implementation step happens. For example:
Your company has to manage different overlapping Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with different vendors.
We accelerate the implementation and integration of our smart ServiceNow solutions with our proven expertise and approach. Our team of experts ensure that we provide a full-cycle implementation service to your organization. Aligning with the consultation we offer; our implementation services are essential for the effective transformation of your business.
Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, our team maximizes the impact of our solutions on your business. With our roadmap analysis and improved ServiceNow components, we allow our businesses to operate at a better level and reach their goals. Using the best practices, we identify the current business processes and implement ongoing improvements.

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Milic Media KFT offers unmatchable ServiceNow solutions to various industries. Having a strong-headed, and experienced team, we cater our excellent services to businesses across various verticals. In banking, Financial Services, Retail, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Telecom or any other industry, we provide our excellence to all. We don’t just propose a tech solution for your business, we implement it to fulfil your specific requirements.

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Are you in need of a ServiceNow consulting service? We are the experts in offering you the required solutions. Drop us your requirements and get a free consultation now!

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